Well, I do not think any of us could have imagined a year quite like 2020! It has been a whirlwind of a year, lots of highs and low; just as with any year. The transportation and import/export industry has taken quite a hit. Many industries are forever changed, many businesses are forever closed; our worlds’ have certainly changed, that is for sure!

With the entire world coming to a halt due to COVID-19, we are lucky and grateful to still be here to help! Transportation was/is considered an essential business. We are beyond thankful for the truckers who got our country through some tough times and dealing with strange and overwhelming schedules.

Here at Carol Transportation, we have implemented new safety and health conscious protocols to keep our staff and outsiders safe. We were already big on keeping things clean, so it wasn’t much of an adjustment there. We have also put into effect a contactless dispatch system so there is minimal contact between people. Our staff, their families, and vendors and their families can rest easy (easier) knowing their people aren’t encountering countless others. We have disinfectant on hand, masks for our people, gloves, and whatever else is necessary. Safety is always first.

We follow the guidelines set forth by the top doctors and scientists, the W.H.O., the NIH, and local governing bodies. We aim to keep as many safe as we collectively can.

To stay up to date on the latest information regarding COVID-19 symptoms, prevention, and statistics, please visit any of the following sites:


Is everyone ready for the holiday/winter season? There are so many things to do to prepare for this busy season, what are you doing to be proactive?

Do you have salt and windshield wiper fluid specialized for the icy conditions of winter? Road flares? These are just a few things that we should have to be better equipped at dealing with Mother Nature when she gives us inclement weather conditions.

How about if you’re a truck driver? Do you have alcohol with you and other liquids in case the cold freezes your system (brake lines and the like)? Do you have chains in case the icy or snowy conditions lock up your tires OR if you need to be pulled by another tractor? Do you have a shovel? What steps do you take to be proactive in times of an emergency? Maybe take an extra moment as  we head into another winter season, and take some precautionary measures! Safety first!

As employers, we, too, must make sure our drivers are as prepared as possible and give our drivers the things aforementioned and many more! In addition, with the holiday season upon us, we need to let our drivers know they are appreciated and valued. The general public should also be more informed of how important truck drivers are. In fact, 90% of world trade is done by ocean freight; that is HUGE. The holiday season is even busier with orders from all over the world being imported, how do people think it gets from the ship to their door??

Some important links we think you should check out (the more you know):

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