Here at Carol Transportation, we offer a vast selection of services to better assist our customers with more than one need.

Port Drayage (Import/export):

Whatever you ocean freight container needs, we are here to help! We specialize in flexi-tank hauling and in dealing with juice concentrates. We’ve been trusted with our customers’ freight for over 40 years, originally handled by Liotta before Carol took over. flexi-2

We also own a lot of our own chassis’, many of which are tri-axles that are special chassis’ that allow us handle more weight and distribute it across all axles for safer transport! tri-axle

We use tri-axles and stretch them (some also refer to this process as “opening” or “sliding” which allows for even more weight distribution. Since flexi-tanks are filled with a bladder and there is a lot of liquid, stretching the tri-axle ensures we are moving these in the safest manner.

Owning our own equipment also allows for mitigating costs to customers with not having to charge the daily fees that chassis providers charge. Who doesn’t like the option of saving money?!

Any containers ranging from 20′ STD DV to 45′ high cubes are no issue for Carol Transportation to handle. With our extensive experience with ocean freight drayage there is no job we can’t handle.

Delivery (local/regional/national):

If you need to haul something within the U.S. we got you covered.

Storage (ambient):

Having an ambient storage facility leaves room for many opportunities to store for several markets. From drums of different juice concentrates (think Ocean Spray and Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group-we store and haul for them), to iron flakes, to olive oil, to furniture, to tires, and the list goes on!binsdrums-2

Our highly trained warehouse staff knows how to manage many levels of products, we go over specific processes to wrap and protect our customers’ things!forkliftloading

We also utilize different software that allows us more insight on how to properly load trailers. It can be somewhat of an art to load containers/trailers to par and to make sure the weights are distributed properly. A longer trailer will (usually) require a different loading format. These are things we keep up on and manage so you have one less thing to worry about.

Our 20,000 + square foot facility is perfect for storage of any kind.


Our nine loading docks make it a breeze to cross-dock loads for any of our customers needs. We operate in two time windows and make reservations, leaving roughly one hour in between just in case a customer needs an emergency pickup scheduled. We are happy to handle work-ins to help our customers.crossdock

There are many  benefits to using cross-docking services. Here is a link that lists some that we think you should take a look at:

Cross-Docking Benefits

Though cross-docking is not the answer for all customers needs, offering it can help mitigate costs for customers.


Do you ever have products on FDA hold and samples need to be taken and tested? Not all warehouses are equipped with the ability and tools to pull samples.

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